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Values & Benefits

With NEP you are not just buying a service, you can help to shape the service

NEP is for organisations that:

  • Want a finance & procurement solution that meets the National NHS Agenda
  • Want to retain control of their back office transactional processing
  • Want to have a say in how services and solutions are developed
  • Want to use the latest technologies
  • Want a managed service
  • Want to make process efficiencies
  • Want an audit assured solution

Our solutions meets the National NHS Agenda

Our solutions are constantly evolving to meet the needs and requirements of an ever changing NHS landscape.  NHS organisations using our finance & procurement solution can operate either as a single organisation or as part of a local or central shared service arrangement.

Our procurement solution is GS1 and PEPPOL compliant and supports NHS organisations in meeting the National Procurement Agenda, particularly around the reporting of consolidated  procurement data.

You can retain control of your back office transactional processing

The configuration of our flexible, innovative shared finance and procurement solution allows you to retain control of your Cash, Payments and Month and Year End reporting timetable. 

Our governance arrangements allow you to have your voice heard

The NEP Consortium governance arrangements ensure that all members have the opportunity to input into service development plans. NEP Consortium Board representatives are elected directly from the membership and agree the strategic direction of the consortium.

Users are able to raise development and enhancement requests. Requests for Change (RFC's) are discussed at Focus Groups and if approved, will form part of the ongoing NEP system development programme.

Our solutions use the latest technologies

NEP is forward thinking and always looking to embrace new technologies. Our partner framework and unique consortium approach enables us to provide competitively priced solutions based on market leading technologies.

Our solution is offered as a managed service

NEP removes the strain of managing, administering and maintaining an in-house solution. We look after the configuration and management of your system, run backups, install the latest patches and perform upgrades for you. This allows you to focus fully on your day to day job and not worry about the system.

NEP gives you the opportunity to make process efficiencies

NEP advocates the implementation of best practice processes and procedures to make efficiencies. NEP has an extensive Focus Group mechanism whereby knowledge, expertise and best practice can be shared.

Our solutions are developed specifically for the NHS and designed to promote best practice. To assist with this NEP has recently implemented an online Best Practice portal. The portal provides guidance and advice on process, procedures and solutions that can be implemented to help you extract the maximum value from our services and operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Best Practice portal also includes a number of pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) which allows you to benchmark your performance against other members of the NEP Consortium. 

Our service control environment is audit assured

Our service control environment is subject to a twice yearly ISAE 3402 Type II audit by an independent service auditor. This continual audit provides you with the assurance that the controls that are critical to our service delivery are in place and operating effectively. The centralised audit approach also reduces your costs by alleviating the requirement for local audit system testing.


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