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Being a NHS consortium is our greatest strength

The NEP Consortium is a large group of NHS organisations that have joined together to make savings and to achieve their common finance and procurement system goals.

The NEP Consortium is a well established, non-commercial organisation that uses a very simple and proven business model. NHS organisations who are members of the NEP Consortium work together collaboratively sharing knowledge, expenditure and risks in order to provide a common shared NHS finance and procurement solution. 

The NEP Consortium jointly belongs to the members and is not-for-profit. Any savings made are used to reduce individual NHS organisations membership costs. NEP is proud to say that any money saved will stay entirely within the NHS, ultimately helping NHS organisations provide better front line care.

Being part of a large NHS consortium has a number of advantages:

  • NHS organisations working collaboratively are much stronger than those working in isolation. NEP is able to speak with one voice to suppliers and service providers and the collective financial strength of the NEP Consortium means that we can negotiate lower prices for commercial solutions and services. This means that we are able to reduce service costs and achieve better terms and conditions of use.
  • The consortium model brings significant economies of scale which in turn lead to efficiency savings. In the NEP Consortium, service management, support and development functions are centralised which means members do not have to spend valuable time or allocate scarce or expensive resources to these areas.
  • Being a not-for-profit NHS consortium helps us to provide cost effective and value for money solutions and services for our members. Expenditure within the NEP Consortium is fully transparent to all members and any savings made are used to reduce individual organisation membership costs.
  • The NEP Consortium is an ideal forum to allow, encourage and support the sharing of knowledge, expertise and best practice. Sharing information ultimately leads to more efficient back office operations through the implementation of effective best practice processes.
  • The governance arrangements and structure of the NEP Consortium means that the development and enhancement of services and solutions is completely user influenced and user driven. This approach ensures that our developments are always NHS focussed and meet both national and local NHS organisation requirements.

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