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NHS Expenses

NHS Expenses is an award winning employee expenses management solution designed to transform how the NHS delivers expenses reimbursement to its employees. With instant return on investment and value for money, the web-based solution accurately records travel and subsistence expenses incurred by your employees.

Provided by our partner Selenity Limited the solution is a user-friendly electronic expenses system for staff to claim their expenses.

NHS Expenses is designed to save time as it automatically calculates journeys travelled, and deducts eligible miles for home to base mileage as well as a whole list of NHS specific mileage rules. It allows users to track the progress of claims, view previous submissions and configurable flags and limits ensure accuracy and discrepancies are quickly and efficiently dealt with and fraudulent claims are eliminated. The system can be accessed from any NHS site, from your home computer or via the dedicated apps available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Selenity knows that every NHS organisation is different and have developed a configurable solution to fit in with the unique way each organisation operates. The solution takes account of the NHS Agenda for Change and Medical & Dental Consultants Policy and is fully integrated with the NHS Electronic Staff Record system (ESR). It is audit compliant and applies NHS conditions for travel and subsistence reimbursement.

With over 200 NHS organisations already benefiting from Selenity's cloud solutions, back office efficiencies are improved, costs are reduced and compliance is maximised.


Improved accuracy

Improved claim accuracy and policy control

Reduced processing times

Seamless ESR integration

Return on Investment

Improved Business Intelligence

Key features include:

  • Fast and user-friendly entry of expenses that guides the user effortlessly through Agenda for Change and local policy.
  • An enhanced bi-directional interface into ESR, which includes Vehicle Records from the Vehicle Repository and Vehicle Allocations; saving you significant time and improving data accuracy within your NHS Expenses and ESR systems. Payment files are automatically uploaded to ESR on a daily basis.
  • Mobile apps enable claimants and approvers to record, submit and approve expenses on the go. Featuring digital receipt upload, GPS mileage tracking and corporate card reconciliation. Available across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Automatic and accurate mileage calculations, includes support for 'Agenda for Change' arrangements and 'Medical & Dental Consultants' as well as a long list of NHS specific mileage features. Additional features include; Address+ utilising improved search methods and enhanced address level lookup; and Route+ providing customers with the most comprehensive and accurate map routing technology.
  • NHS mileage rules such as consultants mileage, home to office calculations, junior doctor rotational mileage and more, are all configured and ready to use.
  • Duty of care features makes it easy to help you ensure your drivers travel safely during work-related driving. Manage the recording and verification of vehicle and licence documentation. Alerts prompt when expiry dates are due and mileage claims can be suspended if documents are not valid.
  • Automatic driver and vehicle check using data sourced from the DVLA is populated within the system.
  • Policy compliance – configured to each organisations policy, ensuring compliance with company policy and HMRC regulations. Configurable flags and limits ensure accuracy, discrepancies are quickly and efficiently dealt with and fraudulent claims are eliminated.
  • Reporting suite features both a bespoke report builder and over a 120 built in reports to drill down and analyse all areas of expenses spend. Reports can be scheduled and automatically sent via email at a specified time making it easy to change processes and make improvements.
  • Role based access permits staff to only claim for items that they are entitled to.
  • Quick, flexible implementation, with instant return on investment.

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