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Document Management

A simple but completely effective Document Management solution.

Provided by our partner Genisys Technology Ltd our simple but completely effective Document Management solution manages the handling and distribution of purchase invoices across your organisation.

The solution easily allows you to turn paper invoices into document image files using a document scanner. Once barcoded and scanned, images are automatically linked to the actual transactions in the NEP Finance & Procurement system and are available to users and budget holders across your organisation (where security rules allow).

Invoice approvals, complete with reminders and audit trails, are managed from within the system and the solution is fully integrated with the NEP Finance & Procurement system.


Improved Service

Better customer and supplier relations

Cost Savings

Reduced storage, audit and admin costs


Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Key features include:

  • A simple user interface with user definable dashboards
  • The ability to scan single or multiple pages to chosen index criteria
  • The ability to import PDF and other electronic invoices
  • Mulitple storage areas and indexing options
  • Controlled document access/publication
  • Rapid document search and retrieval
  • Email integration and workflow

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