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Business Intelligence

Our comprehensive Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) platform delivers advanced reporting and publishing.

Our solution is provided with a number of pre-defined, NHS specific reports and NHS dashboards which have been developed in collaboration with NHS users. These reports and dashboards produce meaningful business information which can help your organisation to improve decision making and to meet both internal and external NHS reporting requirements.

The solution also allows you to write, create and publish your own bespoke reports and dashboards to allow you to get localised information to meet your own reporting requirements.


Highly Formatted and Interactive

Ability to interact and analyse pixel perfect reports and dashboards

Actionable Intelligence

Alerts, guided navigation and actions provide reporting by exception and delivering real business insight.


Full Microsoft Office integration

Key features include:

  • 40 NEP developed NHS specific reports that include the key information needed to improve CIP targets
  • Pre-defined centralised and interactive NHS Dashboards which allow users to drill down to a detailed level
  • Pre-definded reports and events
  • Integration with Microsoft Office products
  • Metadata repository incorporating best practice metrics and calculations
  • Daily overnight data refresh from the NEP Finance & Procurement system
  • Expandable data warehouse with the ability to integrate data from 3rd party systems
  • Seamless integration with Hyperion Essbase
  • Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking

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