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Budgeting & Forecast

Our innovative and flexible Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Cloud solution (PBCS) supports enterprise wide planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Utilising Oracle Hyperion our solution provides structured information to support the NHS strategic business planning regime and ensuring the planning, forecasting goals are supported in the short, medium and longer term.

The solution standardises the business planning and forecasting process, automates a number of key activities and helps ensure best practice is always adopted. The adoption of driver based forecasting ensures baseline forecasts can be delivered with minimal, manual effort thereby allowing colleagues more time to analyse and adjust their forecasts.

In collaboration with our partner Qubix and software provider Oracle PBCS we have developed a specific Planning & Budgeting template for the NHS utilising the latest technologies available. Our template has been specifically designed with individual processes tailored by our NEP members to meet the specific needs of the NHS whilst retaining an element of flexibility at a local level.

The adoption of the NHS Template avoids the need to invest in time-consuming and often expensive development programs. Our solution provides NHS organisations with a proven, cost effective product that is User Intuitive, requires minimal support in terms of training and day to day maintenance and perhaps more importantly can be implemented in a very short time-frame.



Our solution standardises and streamlines the Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting process


Standardised data upload routines and formats for General Ledger, Clinical Income and Payroll

Staff Involvement & Ownership

Ability to involve non-finance staff in the planning and forecasting processes

Key features include:

  • No local IT hardware infrastructure required
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office products
  • Easy deployment - our solution can be easily deployed within 10 weeks
  • Fully supported (Hardware and Software)
  • Incorporates an on-line guide with comprehensive User instructions (Task Lists) attached to all process steps

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