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NEP partners with Pagero

NEP Shared System Group has entered into an agreement to partner with the Pagero Group to provide PEPPOL services for its member organisations.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

NEP and Pagero

NEP partners with Pagero. We are pleased to announce that NEP Shared System Group (NEP) has entered into an agreement to partner with the Pagero Group to provide PEPPOL services for its member organisations. NEP is an NHS Consortium providing infrastructure and services for 38 NHS organisations.

NEP’s decision to partner with Pagero is based on their extensive capability and proven track record with PEPPOL, being one of the largest providers of this service in the business. Pagero has a strong healthcare pedigree and long-standing experience of working with healthcare suppliers and hospitals.

Christine Hall, Associate Programme Director explains the decision: “The Pagero partnership provides NEP members with a reliable, sophisticated and globally proven electronic trading platform using the PEPPOL network, which will be integral to the  NEP Cloud ERP. Together, NEP and Pagero will provide a fully electronic and PEPPOL compliant service for our member organisations. This allows NEP to continue to drive efficiencies for our members, knowing that our partnership with Pagero will allow our members to meet the PEPPOL and Scan4Safety objectives of the NHS.”

When asked about the partnership, Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales for Pagero’s Healthcare division stated: “We are delighted that NEP has chosen to partner with Pagero to deliver PEPPOL services. Pagero has experience in the implementation of PEPPOL in multiple countries and we have worked with hospitals and the major suppliers to the healthcare industry for many years. We are very excited to be part of one of the first PEPPOL roll-outs outside the pathfinder cohort and look forward to delivering efficiencies back to both the healthcare organisations and the healthcare suppliers who serve them.”

About NEP Shared System Group

NEP is a not-for-profit NHS Consortium providing a centrally serviced, shared finance and procurement system for NHS organisations across England that support the NHS initiatives including ‘Shared service’ Lord Carter and e-procurement. NEP’s vision is to provide NHS organisations with leading-edge technologies that are both cost-effective and affordable. Working with our partners our cloud-based Oracle ERP solution and complimentary business solutions bring value to the NHS.

NEP serves NHS organisations across the country and current membership includes Acute, Foundation, Teaching, Ambulance and Care Trusts. Formed in 2001, the NEP Consortium is hosted by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The Consortium model brings significant economies of scale which in turn lead to efficiency savings. The NEP Consortium covers service management, support and development functions which are centralised meaning members do not have to spend valuable time or allocate scarce or expensive resources to these areas.

About Pagero

Pagero Group develops and markets Pagero Online, a cloud-based network platform for communication of business documents within the purchase-to-pay (P2P), order-to-cash (O2C) and logistics-to-pay (TMS) processes. Pagero Online is independent of ERP system and suits companies and organisations of all sizes, within all industries.

Our value-added services enable our customers to achieve accurate data and obtain a 100% digital inbound and outbound business document flow, resulting in minimal error handling, compliance with local VAT regulations, government regulations and control over company spend. Pagero Online is an open network with an extensive number of other networks for global reach.

Pagero Group has also specialised in certain verticals where we have domain knowledge, such as healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, public sector and aviation.

Pagero Group has over 250 employees. It has its headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden and offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Dublin, Oberhausen, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul, Chicago and Dubai.

Contact details for more information

Christine Hall, Associate Programme Director
+44 (0)77 860 74289

Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales Healthcare
+44 (0)77 36 89 33 32

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