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NEP Consortium join with Oracle & Evosys

The NEP Future is in the Oracle Cloud!

Monday 23 January 2017

Oracle Cloud

We are delighted to be able to tell you more about the next phase of our future. The NEP Consortium have joined up with Oracle & Evosys (Oracle Platinum Partners) to implement and deliver Oracle’s ERP Solution on the Cloud. 

NEP’s move to the Oracle Cloud ensures that there is an easy transition and migration process and also provides future proofing for the ERP Solution as Oracle are committed to providing 6 monthly system upgrades which ensure the solution is up to date without the need for any major upgrade at any time in the future.

The applications available from the Oracle Cloud ERP Solution are further enhanced with the addition of integral BI Reporting, available for all budget managers as well as an integrated scanning solution removing the majority of manual input from the Accounts Payable application for those transactions that are not already automated. Online payments will also be available to all organisations along with Oracle Cloud’s ‘social media’ overlay which allows users to provide comment on reports, transactions and approvals which can be seen across all applications removing the duplication of queries and analysis.

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