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Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a Vanguard Trust for Back Office Services and is the proud host of the NEP Consortium.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a founder member of the NEP Consortium and has been hosting it for the past 15 years. As the host organisation Northumbria employs the NEP team and is the legal entity for anything contractual.

Since its formation in 2001, NEP has been predominant in providing a Shared System Solution that meets the National Shared Services initiative. The NEP Consortium was originally formed in order to provide a viable choice for those NHS organisations that did not want the cost of maintaining their own stand-alone system or did not feel the move to a full Shared Services model was for them.

NEP have constantly demonstrated that through collaboration, the NHS can provide leading edge technologies as good as any private sector organisation.

NEP organisations continue to demonstrate to their Consortium colleagues the various possibilities of releasing funding for re-investment into Front Line Services by adopting best practice opportunities and utilising the tools that NEP offer to help deliver efficiencies and savings.

"As a Vanguard Organisation, Northumbria are delighted to continue to host a unique consortium offering 21st Century technologies to the NHS, particularly at a time where efficiencies and back office services are at the forefront of both local and National agendas"
Paul Dunn - Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Finance
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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