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Our Team

Our friendly, experienced and enthusiastic team members have an intrinsic understanding of the NHS

Our team is key to the success of NEP

Our team consists of support staff, application specialists, project managers and NHS system developers. All of our team members are committed NHS employees who understand the needs of the NHS from an operational perspective. They also understand the unprecedented pressures faced by NHS organisations under the current financial and procurement regime.

Our team members have a wide range of skills and experience and are passionate about the NHS. Our senior team members all have a background in NHS Finance, NHS Procurement and NHS Auditing. You can be assured that they are very familiar with the current NHS procurement strategy and local NHS processes and requirements.

When you speak to a member of our team, you'll be dealing with someone whose knowledge and experience you can trust.


Senior Management

  • Christine Hall - NEP Associate Programme Director Christine Hall Associate Programme Director
  • Tim Elliott - NEP Deputy Associate Programme Director Tim Elliott General Manager

Technical Management

  • Peter Birkett - NEP Technical Development Manager Peter Birkett Technical Development Manager
  • Simon Scott - NEP Technical Development Manager Simon Scott Technical Programme Manager

Account Management

  • Derek Mullin - NEP Account Manager Derek Mullin Account Manager
  • Toni Distasi - NEP Account Manager Toni Distasi Account Manager
  • Christine Cullum - NEP Account Manager Christine Cullum Account Manager
  • Victoria Sleath - NEP Account Manager Victoria Sleath Account Manager

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