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NEP is the smart choice for your NHS Finance and Procurement needs

NEP is a not-for-profit NHS consortium providing a centrally serviced, shared Finance and Procurement system that supports the NHS "Shared Service" National Agenda. We are a strong, well established non-commercial organisation, run by people who really understand and care about the NHS. Our finance and procurement solutions and services have been designed specifically for the NHS.

  • 32 NHS Organisations
  • 69 Foundation Trusts
  • 1 Joint vision
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Our Solutions

Our innovative, leading edge solutions have been specifically designed for NHS organisations and are available at specially negotiated, discounted rates.

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Our Services

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NEP offers a range of cost effective services that are designed to complement the solutions that we provide.

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Our People

Meet The Team
Christine Hall - NEP Associate Programme Director Christine Hall Associate Programme Director
Tim Elliott - NEP Deputy Associate Programme Director Tim Elliott General Manager
Simon Scott - NEP Technical Development Manager Simon Scott Technical Programme Manager
Peter Birkett - NEP Technical Development Manager Peter Birkett Technical Development Manager

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